Now You Can Automate The Most Labour Intensive Part Of Your Business So It Runs On Complete Autopilot

Where it all began

It was a little after 2010 and I was running a locksmith company in Manchester UK. At the time I suffered with Gout and regularly had attacks which would take me off my feet and force me into finding contractors to cover my jobs whilst I was housebound. 

During one of these regular attacks I was sitting in my living room, feet up on a footstool, 2 mobile phones, one for incoming and one for outgoing calls, a payment terminal, 2 paper pads, one filled with contractors willing to take my jobs and the other for writing down customer information when they called. 

At this time I was probably fielding 150 calls a day and to anyone in the normal world I must have seemed to always have my phone stuck to my head. 

A person I had met a couple of times before, who I now know as Martyn Johnson came to my house on another matter of business.  When he saw me answering call after call, taking payments, then flicking through my paper book and calling contractor after contractor to get the work covered he enquired to what I was doing.  

I proudly announced I was running my business to which he smiled and said why are you doing it that way.  I explained my business was to build hundreds of websites, make the phones ring, answer the phones, provide quotations locally and send contractors out on a 60/40 split or further afield I would take an appointment fee then ring round until I found a contractor in the area willing to take the job from me for FREE. 

Martyn nodded in recognition looking at me in amusement like a baby trying to eat rice with chopsticks, he knew what I had was amazing, but it could never scale as it was to labour intensive and only someone who knew everything about the job like me could answer the phones. 

He announced we needed to meet again after that day and talk, which we did and the first version of Lead Simplify  was born. 

So What does Lead Simplify Do?

OK so I have tried to help you understand my personal business model from back when I first started out, but this model has now been tried and tested by thousands of customers all over the world running companies from taxi firms, to plumbers, to building companies, kitchen companies and everything in between.

We have customers using Lead Simplify to run their own businesses where only they do the work and other customers with hundreds or even thousands of contractors and or lead buyers spreading the length of the USA.  

Lead Simplify was designed to enable me to take form leads and phone calls, automatically route them to willing hungry lead buyers who can immediately pay for the leads and receive the contact information.  

Many clients in the USA refer to Lead Simplify as the software that enables anyone working from their living room to build their own mini version of Home Advisor and scale it effortlessly without the need for offices or even any staff.  

Take a look at the image below, basically all your lead buyers can top up their system like a pay as you go mobile phones. You can then use the money they spend to invest in ads and websites that generate the leads they receive. You can pretty much start a business without any initial investment if you get your lead buyers to top up in advance. 

So what happens when my phone rings? 

When you have your phone numbers managed through Lead Simplify and one of them rings, the software looks for same industry lead buyers that are in that location and it rings all their phones simultaneously.  

The first person to pick up the phone gets the lead and their prepay balance is deducted by the cost of the lead. 

If their balance goes below the cost of a lead, then they will be informed that they are out of credits and need to top up now. 

But what happens if I don't have any lead buyers in my system when the phone rings?

As soon as you add a phone number to Lead Simplify it is given an industry and a location. The second that phone rings it will instantly look for lead buyers in that industry and that location to forward the call to. 

If you have only just setup your system and have zero lead buyers in your system, then Lead Simplify will go to the internet in the area the call is coming from and find local businesses in that industry them call up to 60 of them for you simultaneously.  

The first business to answer will be informed this is a FREE lead from you which can be accepted as a gift for joining your system. 

After that the businesses become lead buyers inside your system and you can automatically distribute leads to those people as they come in.  

This is what we refer to as auto prospecting and Lead Simplify is the only system in the world that does this. 

What happens if a lead comes into my system by form? 

If a form on your website is completed by a potential customer Lead Simplify will review the information submitted by the form, it will then cross-reference it with the lead buyers in your system and all matching lead buyers will receive the information. 

If one of the lead buyers wants the lead, then they can login to their client portal and purchase the lead using their prepay credits. Upon purchase the lead contact information will be released to the buyer and they can then contact the potential customer. 

What happens if my lead buyers don't want to pay for the leads up front?

If a client wants to pay for leads after they have been received and vetted and you agree to this model, then you have the option to turn on invoicing for that client. 

This means they will receive all the leads that match their buying criteria inside your system and will automatically receive and invoice at the end of each month to pay for the leads they have received. 

This can be fully automated to match yours and your clients exact buying needs, including limiting the number of leads received to ensure they don't receive more leads than you trust them with on credit.  

What is the difference between a lead buyer and a contractor in Lead Simplify?

There are 2 main systems inside Lead Simplify and they were both created to manage my businesses without the need to have staff. 

Business model one is the lead buyer system which we have discussed in detail above. 

The other is the contractor system which has been designed to manage teams of field staff like employed plumbers, roofers, electricians etc etc and also teams of contractors who you do not employ directly, but who agree to cover your work for you and take a percentage of each job them complete. 

This was the first model I used and it was very very profitable because you can take anything from 40% to 50% of the profit from the job. 

When we were doing emergency roofing, sometime a job would be several thousand in profit and all we had really done for the money was pass on the lead information.  

With contractors you can add the industry they cover, and the areas they work to your system, then when a job is added the system will look at all your matching contractors and tell you who is the closest to the position of the new job.

What business model does Lead Simplify work best for?

I can not answer this question because I personally have not tested them all, however I can share the models I have used it for and their benefits and pitfalls. 

First I created a contractor business with Lead Simplify where I took 40% from the profit of any job I passed to one of my many contractors. The system manages the splits so all you need to do is put what the agreed split is and whether they collected cash or you took payment over the phone. When the job is complete the contractor can add the parts costs to the job and the system will work out who is owed what money.

Second I went down the lead buyer route, basically i placed forms and phone numbers on all my websites and in all my advertisements and when the calls or form fills came in my lead buyers would receive them could either pay me for them or would have the system set to auto buy and any lead that matched their criteria they would pay for. 

Third I used the system as a simple booking system. The customer would call one of my team and they would answer. The customer would be informed they need a full address and credit or a debit card to secure the appointment. 

If the customer accepts they have both, then the member of my team will run through all the information for the job. Once they have everything they need they will provide a rough quotation and confirm we need to take a small deposit to finalise the appointment.  Once the appointment has been taken my team will call the closest contractors informing them we have a locksmith job for example £100 to collect to open a door and replace a lock. There is no commission to pay, instead the jobs are given to the contractors and we keep the appointment fee.  

All three models have their ups and their downs, with the contractor model needing more paperwork, the appointment fee system means you have to answer every single call and the lead buying option is 100% completely automatable but is a little more work to get it started at the outset.  

What deal do I have for you today?

Today I am going to do something I have never done before with Lead Simplify because we were always worried we needed the monthly instalments to ensure we could keep the system running without interruption for our clients. 

However we now have thousands of clients in lots of countries and are in the position where we can offer a limited number of used the first and only lifetime deals on Lead Simplify that we have ever done. 

Today as a special thank you to our users and for the years of help and support we have received from our Community we are opening up 10 lifetime places for Lead Simplify meaning the first 10 people who get this deal will be the only 10 people who have a lifetime account on our system. 

We are also enabling you to add additional lifetime seats to your system so you are not stuck with the ten that comes with your lifetime system 

Today you can pick up a 10 seat license for Lead Simplify that means you have access to 10 logins on your system forever and will never need to pay for them

If you have an existing system and want to transfer this over, then after purchase simply email and my team will do that for you. 

Also additional seats purchase on previous Black Friday offers can be transferred into these lifetime systems for you meaning you could have a 200 user system up and running and never pay for it again. 

I really hope you love this deal and accept it as a thank you from me to you for the continued support we have had from you. 

If the purchase doesn't go through then all the lifetime systems have been taken so please act fast to secure your spot.  

Oh I almost forgot, the lifetime system with 10 logins is only going to cost you $1000 and that's it, we will host your system on our servers and process all your leads from this day forward. The only costs you will incur going forward from this system is for your phone calls through twilio and your Google API key if you use one. 

This deal is far to good I don't want to take advantage of you, take me back to where I can pay full price right now!


What happens if I change my mind?

Do not panic, if you change your mind for any reason in the first 30 days, then simply send an email to and my team will process your refund for you.  

Do not panic, if you change your mind for any reason in the first 30 days, then simply send an email to and my team will process your refund for you.